Thank you for considering a volunteer position with Long Island Cat/Kitten Solution (LICKS) and for being a part of the solution to end the growing stray cat population.

Volunteers are the backbone of our program. Without them, LICKS couldn’t help a single cat or kitten. Our promise to you, is that your time with LICKS will not only be rewarding, but an excellent opportunity to make a difference in the community and work with a wonderful group of people who all share the same passion for ending the ongoing cycle of stray cats in the community.

Volunteer opportunities:

Clinic Volunteers

As a Clinic Volunteer at our monthly spay/neuter clinic, you will be working closely with the veterinary and volunteer staff during clinic operations. Surgery is performed in our facility in Island Park, NY on specified Sundays each month. All clinic volunteer shifts start in the morning and end in the late afternoon. Clinic staff responsibilities include: 

  • Check-In/Check-Out Volunteers: assist staff and visitors by checking-in and checking-out feline patients and by providing information about our services and post-surgical care to their owners.

  • Monitoring Volunteers: working alongside our staff, Monitoring Volunteers have the critical role of ensuring the safe recovery of our feline patients. This includes checking that cats are recovering from anesthesia, providing love and comfort and a clean carrier. 

  • Surgery Pack Volunteers: learn how to clean, sort, identify and organize surgical instrumentation as well as sterilize the surgery packs that veterinarians use in the surgical suite.  

  • Post-Surgery Volunteers: this includes cleaning cat’s ears and trimming nails, as well as applying flea medication and making sure cats are returned to designated carriers and their ongoing recovery is monitored.


All Clinic Volunteers are also asked to help with surgical suite set-up, sterilization, clean-up and to ensure organization at the end  of each shift. 

While experience is always a plus, on-the-job training will be provided to all Clinic Volunteers and we welcome all to apply!

Community Volunteers

As a Community Volunteer, you will be working closely with the Board of Directors to help contribute to the growing success of LICKS and help represent our oganization out in the community!

  • Fund Raising Volunteers: volunteers are urgently needed to assist and help manage fund-raising activities. This includes working with other volunteers to help conceive of successful fund-raising efforts and helping implement the efforts once finalized. This may include soliciting donations from area businesses, mailings, and general event planning.

  • Event Staffing: this includes attending and helping to manage fund-raising events. Activities might include guest check-in, coordination with facilities, presentations and follow-up.

  • Public Relations & Social Media: volunteers are needed to help conceive of and implement public relations and social media campaigns aimed at increasing public awareness of the organization, maintaining a positive image, and soliciting public support.

  • Grant Writing: help identify grant opportunities and write document applications. Follow through on responses and monitor progress from start to finsih, including grant fulfillment requirements.


Please include your name and e-mail along with a brief message highlighting which positions you are most interested in. Please list all positions that interest you as we are accepting combined roles for several volunteer positions!

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