About Us

Our Commitment

Long Island Cat Kitten Solution (LICKS) is a high-quality, low-cost spay and neuter clinic for cats and kittens, operated by a group of caring veterinary professionals and volunteers, passionate about making a difference and ensuring that all animals have loving, caring forever homes. We are all proud cat parents and will care for your cat as though it were our own.

All cats and kittens are welcome, including feral kittens/cats and community cats. We recommend kittens be about four months of age.  In addition, cats over the age of five years are considered at higher risk in terms of surgical procedures and should be spayed or neutered by a full-service veterinary clinic.  LICKS is a 501c3 nonprofit organization located within the Long Beach Humane Society rescue facility in Island Park, NY. Our clinics, which operate once a month, are staffed by a licensed veterinarian and veterinary technicians, as well as committed volunteers. Appointments can be made by calling or texting (516) 431-8794.

Please note that LICKS is solely a spay/neuter clinic for cats and kittens only. We are not an animal rescue, shelter or trapping organization and are unable to find homes for surrendered or stray animals.    

LICKS is a same-day spay/neuter clinic. We do not offer additional veterinary services, overnight stays or post-surgical after-care treatment. Cost per cat is $95 and includes: spay/neuter surgery, distemper and rabies vaccines, antibiotics and pain medications. In addition, all cats are given a topical flea preventative, ear cleaning and nail trimming (for indoor cats only).

LICKS Grand Opening ribbon cutting ceremony, September 17, 2008, Freeport, NY

LICKS Grand Opening ribbon cutting ceremony, September 17, 2008, Freeport, NY

Our Mission


LICKS is dedicated to ending the overpopulation and suffering of unwanted cats and kittens by offering low-cost, high-quality spay/neuter services to owned and community cats. Our hope is that by ending the cycle of unwanted litters, we can help make every cat a cared for cat. 

Our History


LICKS opened its doors in 2008 and in the ensuing years, has spayed or neutered more than 10,000 cats and kittens. We were conceived by a passionate group of volunteers committed to making a difference in helping end the huge problem of pain and suffering endured by the untold number of unwanted kittens born each year. That commitment continues today.

In 2017, LICKS moved to its current location at the Long Beach Humane Society in Island Park, NY. We are proud of this affiliation and support LBHS’s mission of rescuing abandoned and abused cats and dogs and transitioning them to loving and caring forever home.